Neph Releases His New Double Music Video “You Good/Well Again”

Neph Releases His New Double Music Video “You Good/Well Again”

Chicago based artist Neph drops his next music video “You Good/Well Again.” The video is a double feature of sorts, smoothly transitioning from two different songs as well as two separate videos. The videos themselves retain an aesthetic that makes the switch up more seamless, as Neph transports from one location, and sound, to the next. Both songs are featured on the EP set to release next month entitled More To Come.

The first track, “You Good,” prod. By Yung Ako, sets the tone with triumphant horns that accompany scenic views of the city, Chicago. As he says “you good” throughout the track, you can’t help but notice he switches from asking for telling, letting people know that they’re good for anything they’ve done in the past, and even though times are rough right now it’s only as good as you make it. The next track, “Well Again” is Neph’s reflection on this year that we’ve all had to work through. Produced by Paroah Aaru, the road lays out his thoughts in bars, and the video takes us into a more personal setting. A place many of us have been familiar with the last few months to tell it; the living room of an apartment. As his thoughts spill out and occupy your own, the video makes acknowledgments to several monumental moments this year, including the tragedy of George Floyd’s murder, RIP.

Check out the video above and watch out for his EP coming next month. In the meantime, stream Neph’s music below.

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