Tre Lee’s “What Better Time Than Now “ Says Honesty Brings Healing

Tre Lee’s “What Better Time Than Now “ Says Honesty Brings Healing

Tre Lee is a Greenville, MS Native who now resides in Mid South (Southhaven MS, Memphis TN). Some people call him a Christian rapper and some say a Christian Artist, he doesn’t care as long as CHRIST comes before it. He is a advocate for Mental Health in the Black Community. He and his wife, Whitney, own their own clothing line bringing awareness to mental health called, HONESTY BRINGS HEALING. Tre Lee uses his music to do just the same when it comes to speak about his struggles with his mental but finding the sufficiency in God’s Grace to overcome it. His music is more about finding healing through life toughest battles so that it want get in the way of our God given purpose.

His debut album, ‘What Better Time Than Now’ just released today. This album tells a story of his journey to find the very understanding he now preaches through honesty brings healing. He speaks about losing both of his grandmothers and how both losses mentally and spiritually broke him. This album involves rawness, mental healing, and spiritual restoration. The other meaning behind What Better Time Than Now is finding ways to enjoy the NOW of life. Letting the past be the past and finding ways to not worry so much on what the future will be. Embracing the now and enjoying the roses while you can smell them

Check out Tre Lee’s new project ‘What Better Time Than Now’ below.


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