Stream Skyzoo’s New Track “A Song For Fathers” (Prod. By !llmind) Off Of His “Milestones” EP

Stream Skyzoo’s New Track “A Song For Fathers” (Prod. By !llmind) Off Of His “Milestones” EP

Throughout Hip-Hop, fathers have gained a bad rep and rightfully so. However, there are a multitude of good Dads still out there and many are happen to be fathers of artist who make Hip-Hop music. Skyzoo’s latest record “A Song For Fathers” is not just a song to celebrate Fathers Day, but also a song saluting the “good” Dads out there

With “A Song For Fathers”, I wanted to make a theme song for fellow dads to celebrate on Father’s Day, as well as every day that we may need to hear some encouragement. We’ve all grown up to music that celebrates motherhood, which has been beautiful and is always needed, but the songs celebrating fatherhood, although existing, have been few and far between.

Skyzoo on “A Song For Fathers”

The tracks soulful jazz infused productions handled by legendary producer !llmind who is also the son of a musician.

“I specifically went to !llmind, who’s been a frequent collaborator of mine throughout my career, for two reasons: one, he’s one of the greatest producers ever, and his specialty is bringing your idea to life larger than you’d imagined, and two, if you know !llmind you know he makes music due to his dad having been a musician in his own right. His dad passed away awhile back and I know he’s hugely influenced by his dad’s legacy, so I knew he’d understand the importance of such a record. Needless to say, he hit it out the park. 

Skyzoo on why he chose !llmimd for production

Skyzoo’s new song, also came with a new EP titled “Milestones”.

“The idea for this project came to me from noticing the landscape of how fathers are represented in hip hop.  Outside of Will Smith’s classic “Just The Two Of Us” and a handful of others, the majority of the records in hip hop that speak on fatherhood have a negative connotation.  I wanted to change that narrative, as it’s not the only one that exists.  Myself, being a father, there are a ton of others like me who are engulfed in hip hop and are also 24 hour a day dads, who’s kids mean the world to them.  I wanted to showcase that.  I started this project in August of 2019 as one song and it grew into an entire project within a week and I’ve been sitting on this idea since the summer/fall, waiting for Father’s Day weekend to come around.”

Skyzzo on why he made the “Milestones” EP

The Ep is named Milestones, after my Skyzoo’s Miles, and also signifying the milestones that us dad’s reach in life as they grow into fatherhood.  This project is solely about growing up with a dad, being a dad, and the importance of it all. 

Stream Skyzoo’s “A Song For Fathers” (Prod. By !llmind) above and check out his”Milestones” below.

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