Stream Rome Streetz New “Noise Kandy 4” Project

Stream Rome Streetz New “Noise Kandy 4” Project

Rome Streetz was introduced to music at an early age. His interest in hip hop was sparked after hearing Snoop Dogg & Dr. Dre’s “Nuthin’ But A G Thang” for the first time. He became fascinated with Ice Cube and the whole west coast gangster rap movement.  However, it wasn’t until he heard Nas and Wu-Tang Clan that he truly fell in love with the music and became immersed in it.

Growing up in the birthplace of Hip-Hop, New York, Rome quickly realized he had a knack for putting rhymes together. Streetz involvement in street life at such a young age, forced his mother to send him to live with is Aunt in London.

Feeling isolated and abandoned after being sent away, Streetz took that anger and channeled it into his only outlets—rapping and writing.  As NYC’s style and influence grew, London emcees began shifting their focus and Rome began mixing the experiences of his New York upbringing to his new London environment.  As the hip hop scene expanded in Europe, Rome grew and developed with it and experienced firsthand London’s transition from “garage rap” to “London Grime.”  Rome was now an emerging artist in the scene and performing with other London artists such as Skepta.

His artist name pays homage to his nomadic lifestyle, his unique style and rhyming technique best described as a mix of gritty New York boom bap with London grime which can be heard on his latest album “Noise Kandy 4” & specifically “My Reality”

In a time where hip hop music has become obsessed with keeping up with the latest trend, Rome has always stayed true to himself. Rather than simply ride the beat, Rome brings his verbal prowess to the forefront and transforms each song into something special.

Rome’s profile has been elevated by his fan with fan favorite Noise Kandy series.  Rome Streetz just dropped his Noise Kandy 4 project which you can stream below.

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