What Now?: The Aftermath

What Now?: The Aftermath

By: Vis Swoops

Photo Credit: Vis Swoops

Our frustration collectively has been put on display for the world to see. No matter if you agree or not semantics have no place here at this moment. We have to be one and move unified and cohesively.

My biggest plea to those in a reactionary space now is do not take away resources from your community. Essentials items like food, water, medicine, diapers,etc. must be available to the people. Many are invoking the quotes of the Panthers and Nation of Islam’s great brother Malcolm X, use their rhetoric, feel the rhetoric, but also put it into its proper context.

Understand while those emotions are being released with purpose that we are being infiltrated by those with ulterior motives. Just as anytime we begin to have solidarity we are infiltrated by the oppressor.

Rochester, NY Black Lives Matter Protest at Pubic Safety Center
Photo Credit: Vis Swoops

Now that is out of the way; Atlanta legend Killer Mike gave an eloquent speech and emphasized the following:

“Now is the time to plot, plan, strategize, organize, and mobilize.”

Too long we have been reactive and wait for a moment to dictate our actions. Being proactive will get us further along. Reform is not an option because reforming a system that’s already designed to exclude us is what got us here. A rebel without a cause becomes a villain and losses all legitimacy bound to face alienation.

Our forefathers, not the white men that created America, I mean our true forefathers of black liberation and fighters of the United States oppressive system have left us nuggets in their writing. It is not by coincide that the education system refuses to give those to our people; nor, is it coincidental the saying is if you want to hide something from black people put it in a book.

The plotting and planning has been done it is our generation turn to organize, but not without dates thing. Also to to strategically move with concrete demands. A 10 point plan has been floating around on social media and that is concrete demands not blanketed statements.

Killer Mike addresses Atlanta during riot.
Credit: Facebook

Lastly we mobilize not only by defending our community and the people in it even if that means armed. More Black Americans should be armed legally if possible. We must effectively utilize the blueprint to reach the common goal of destroying the system of oppression.

George Floyd is one of many in decades let alone recently memories of the senseless genocide of the black community. Different faces, same uniform and same results which stretches as far back as the first free Black Americans. Which is a systemic issue if that is not clear to those confused by the basis of this article.

Baba Dick Gregory our long time civil rights activist gave us a solution. It may be other ways to address it, but he understood that police officers are ground level with no incentives. Here’s a video of him explaining one way that politically how it can be addressed:

Baba Dick Gregory “How do you reform police officers?”
Credit: Reelblack (Youtube)

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