Big Fella Zil Is The King of Club Bangers

Big Fella Zil Is The King of Club Bangers

Born in Shreveport, Louisiana, the hard hitting southern sounds can be heard through the music Big Fella Zil creates for his listeners. In 2017, Zil created a party anthem “Workin My Shoulders” first introducing it to his cast on his talk show, “The Big Fella Talk Show“. Three months later, Working My Shoulders was the hottest song in the boot. Based off the energy and movement, you could never walk into a function without hearing anything by this artist.

The music scene in Louisiana has always been a huge representation of the south. Their unique sound alerts you that it’s about make you crank that b**** up. All different rap styles to connect them to easily work together to create hits and that’s what you hear throughout Big Fella Zil’s music.

He recalls his first show taking place in Mansfield, La with over 1,000 people in the venue. The energy in the building and the crowd singing the song word for word, if you weren’t there you missed a good show. You can best believe Big Fella Zil will you jiggin out the box whenever he touches the stage.

Collaborating with Jmon Beatz and Duke on the Track on majority of his song, the hook is the most important part of Big Fella’s writing process. If you can match his rock the party energy on a song, you catch him working with several artists. Two artist we could see Zil working with in the near future are Black Youngsta and Atl’s legend Lil Jon.

”No One Can Stop What God Already Planned”

What sets Big Fella Zil apart from other artist is the fact that he runs five different businesses while maintaining his music career. Interesting fact about Zil is he was never an athlete, however he’s a computer geek who has a love for electronics.

Currently, Big Fella Zil has a popular challenge on TikTok called #PoppinTagsChallenge. In the meantime, check out his recent single “Power Up” featuring Dreadhead Dev below and continue to stream all of Big Fella Zil on all music platforms.


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