Chino Brown X ThommyB – 2020 CHI Album Review

Chino Brown X ThommyB – 2020 CHI Album Review

New York City is popping right now, there are a lot of different sounds & vibes coming out of all the boroughs. Artists remain versatile with their music while incorporating that NY energy that can be felt upon listening. Emerging Brooklyn, New York artist Chino Brown fits that description, he released his “first official album” in March, with 8 track project, “2020 CHI” featuring Wi$dum, De Monroe, KeepCountin, E Bandz, & Jlore.

The project is personal to Chino, the title actually holds significant value.

A brief breakdown of ”2020” the number 3 which is the first letter in my labels name 3VOLVE Music Group, which means, understanding things that come in 3s are tied in a way and there’s a small lesson behind that. It’s to show a person how to understand and accept life situations for what they are. The number 7 which is my favorite number is the holy number of God which we all know, hints lucky number 7. Now if you were to add 3 & 7 you get 10 which is the day I was born and the number 10 stands for completion of life or a stage in life. The day I’m releasing the album 3/17/20 which shows the numbers 3, 7, & 10 add those numbers together and you get 20. My energy (CHI) will be heard through my music. I’m combining my flavor of lyricism with that NY Vibe, and I constructed each record to go gold or better. Had to set the Bar at its highest point to give my best work.

CHI On “2020 CHI”

With a title holding such meaning and the mindset of constructing songs to go “gold or better” Chino placed heavy exceptions upon himself with his debut project. Will he live up to those lofty exceptions? Check out my review of “2020 CHI”.

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