Treywill Releases New Single “Silencio” & Gives Us Exclusive Story On His Unorthodox Path To Rap

Treywill Releases New Single “Silencio” & Gives Us Exclusive Story On His Unorthodox Path To Rap

Georgia native Treywill is an independent artist with an unconventional come up. Growing up right outside of music hub Atlanta, Treywill grew up listening to Gucci Mane, Future, Jeezy, Lil Wayne and Yo Gotti.

Although Trey was inspired by rappers who flaunted street life and spoke on their rags to riches rise to fame, his route into music was different. Tre grew up about an hour and forty five minutes outside of the A in the suburbs of Warner Robins GA.

Trey always had a passion for music however, he began rapping to combat boredom: “I was bored got on YouTube wrote some stuff and it ended up doing some good stream numbers.”

Trey didn’t have a place to record, but was determined to find a studio and googled “recording studios near me” found the one with the best reviews and recorded his first song “No Mercy”.

Shortly after putting out No Mercy on SoundCloud, Trey released “Suburban Nigga”. The song is a response to the initial backlash Trey received when he started making music.

Trey announced on Facebook he would begin rapping, and people instantly clowned him for being from the suburbs and that he wasn’t “real” enough to pursue rap.

While Trey says he is self-motivated he did admit that the initial doubt fueled him to really pursue music.

Trey wasn’t fazed by the naysayers and continued to release music.

Today the Georgia rapper just released a new single “Silencio” which will be on his next project dropping April 3rd.

As for the project, Trey said to “expect the unexpected” and that it will be different than what most people are expecting from him.

TreyWill’s describes his music as relatable and he has a point to prove that “You don’t have to be street to make it in the industry”.

Stream his latest track below.

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