Boston’s Cash Gotti Embraces The Challenge Of Putting His City On The Map

Boston’s Cash Gotti Embraces The Challenge Of Putting His City On The Map

Boston native Cash Gotti is determined to put his side of town on the map. Representing Dorchesters Fields Corner neighborhood, Cash Gotti is building a buzz around Boston. Amassing 1.5 million streams and counting and making records with Grammy winning artist Roddy Ricch, Cash Gotti is confident in his craft but knows there’s more work to be done.

In my conversation with Gotti, I found a rapper who embraces the pressure of being the top up-coming rapper in his city. 

If I have to be the one to open the doors for the city, I’m cool with that.

Cash Gotti

With his new single “They Know” dropping today, Gotti gave me some insight on times when he wasn’t rapping, what pushes him to record, his entrepreneurial spirit, giving back to his community and what we can expect from him moving forward.

Check out my conversation with the fearless Cash Gotti below.

Growing up in Fields Corner, Cash Gotti was inspired by 50 Cent, Kanye West, Lloyd Banks, Fabolous and Future. However, Gotti’s biggest inspiration comes from someone who’s in his team. 

After losing a friend to the system Gotti began to get into rap to honor him. 

Dutchy Dobad got me into rap. He’s always been a rapper but ended up getting locked up when we was younger. At the time I wasn’t rapping but once he got locked up I had to keep alive for him.

Cash Gotti

After realizing his talent as a rapper, Cash Gotti fully understands how rap can change his life and the ones around him better. As the manager of his own label “One Of One LLC”, Gotti is using the spotlight placed upon him to put others in position to win.

I have a team back in the city who are all fire. One of us gets in the door, we can get in position to all score.

Cash Gotti

Aside from mentoring the youth in his city by taking time out of his day to kick game to younger cats in the city that look up to him, Cash Gotti is inspiring others with his entrepreneurial mindset.

Cash’s “Rapper Weed” weed brand is already being sold in dispensaries in California and he has aspirations to take his operation state-wide.

Although Cash deals with continuing to build on the buzz he has generated, owning a business as well as trying to enhance the livelihood of those around him, he is unfazed.

The pressures on but I’m in that position for a reason. If I have to be the one to open the doors for the city, I’m cool with that. I feel it’s only right. I’m confident in my craft.

Cash Gotti

Confidence is key, and I would be just as confident knowing I locked in tracks with the hottest artist in the game, Compton’s Roddy Ricch. Cash and Roddy met through a promoter in his city and the two instantly clicked. Recording “Lips Closed” and an unreleased record “Famous” together.

Cash described his time recording with Roddy Ricch as “different”.

He was an unorthodox artist. He taught me a few things. Kid is definitely a star.”

Cash Gotti

Today Cash Gotti is back with a new single + visual for fans, titled “They Know” Shot by Tanj Film.

On Gotti’s new track, we hear the mixture of melodies and bars that endured him to fans.  

Although Gotti literally just dropped a new single he already has his eye on his next move. A new project “Everything Dirty” is in the works as well as a performance during SXSW.

Cash Gotti is used to being in a mentorship role so when asked to give advice to  artist on the come up Gotti’s reply was simply to “Invest in yourself”.

They’re not going to give you nothing for free. Don’t take no for an answer and keep grinding.

Cash Gotti

There is no denying Cash’s obvious talents. He’s unique and authentic and a fresh taste to the industry. Cash Gotti is certainly not a name to sleep on.

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