Check Out The Behind The Scenes Of Karma Knows “Ring The Alarm” Video In Our Exclusive Conversation.

Check Out The Behind The Scenes Of Karma Knows “Ring The Alarm” Video In Our Exclusive Conversation.

Having being adopted at an early age, Karma Knows youth was plagued with personal struggles and turmoil. Karma grew up with animosity towards his birth parents for giving him up, causing him to rebel by skipping school and selling weed which eventually lead to him being in and out of jail.

Looking for something to latch onto Karma found music as a supportive outlet for his emotions. One day he heard wise words from KRS One, on a local Washington radio station. They spoke about spirituality which inspired him to study the principles of Karma.

There isn’t a big Hip-Hop scene in Karma’s city, determined to change that narrative he became a student of the game and immersed himself in the DIY- artist aesthetic. Karma Knows just released a 6 track EP “Juice”. Juice focuses on Karma steeping out of his comfort zone and being more vulnerable as a person.

I had the chance to speak to Karma about his “Ring The Alarm” video and what went into making it. Check out our conversation and the Behind The Scenes of the visual below.

The name of the song “Ring The Alarm” stems from Karma knows realizing that clarity was needed in his life.

I needed to relax, check myself, clear my mind. It came from depression. Like an alarm went off. I needed a cleanse.

Karma Knows

Mental health is an issue that we don’t always speak about but it affects so many people. Karma was also effected by Depression but since the release if his latest EP he’s been able to get out of his depressive state.

In the Ring The Alarm visual, Karma goes back to his childhood. Wearing PJ’s and playing with puppets Karma felt it was important to revisit that time in his life. Karma pushed that the video be shot in his parents basement.

It represented my childhood. Something to represent the beginning of who you are.

Karma Knows

While watching the visual you will notice a cute little baby that makes an appearance. That baby represents Karma looking back on his life and thinking of happier times. “Enjoying little blessings instead of the negatives”.

Chatting with Karma I found someone who is introspective and determined to build an identity for his hometown. “So many artist from my area who haven’t gotten their chance”.

While Karma wants you to feel the emotions in his music, his ultimate desire his for the listeners.

Check out the official video for “Ring The Alarm” below and check out his Juice EP here.

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