Chicago’s AKONIxx Gets Creative In “Stars Wars”

Chicago’s AKONIxx Gets Creative In “Stars Wars”

AKONIxx is a name to pay attention to in 2020. The Chi-town artist is starting off the new year with a Star Wars themed visual for a track that is named after the cult classic.

“Star Wars” was released back in November of 2019 through Roc Nation’s distribution company Equity and has reached 55k streams (and counting). The inspiration for the track came from AKONIxx perception of the production and its futuristic sound.

When I got the beat it just sounded like the future… it sounds like outer space. That’s the only place I could take the record. It’s not vintage and it’s not modern it’s literally light years ahead of us. They finally cast a black lead in the Star Wars films, so I wanted to take my perception of blackness and douse it in Star Wars. The video treatment was created literally the same night the record was born…in a galaxy far far away.”

In the futuristic visual which AKONIxx directed by himself, we see him training for an ultimate showdown between good and evil, similar to Darth Vader vs Luke Skywalker.

Check out the creative visual above and stream Star Wars here.

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